Pochitama Water Addictive

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For Health & Oral Care



  1. Cleanses the mouth and removes bad breath.
  2. Reduces plaque build up.
  3. Reduce body odour and poop odour.
  4. Cleanses the mouth and removes bad breath.
  5. Detoxifies reactive oxygen species (free radicals) within the body, thereby reducing oxidative stress and decreasing the probability of getting sick.
  6. Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effect within the body.

Pochitama Water Additive for Health & Oral Care

Getting older does not necessarily mean ageing. Oxidation = ageing. As our furkids gets older, the accumulation of oxidative stress, additives through processed food and grooming products can break the balance within the body and accelerate oxidation. This lowers the immune system which may lead to sicknesses and even damage to the DNA.

Slow down ageing by giving your precious furkid Water Additive – water that does not oxidise easily. It slows down the speed of oxidation and it has very small clusters for easy absorption. Water Additive is electrolytic ionized water with alkaline properties to neutralise free radicals within the body. It can be added to your furkid’s food or drinking water. Maintain your furkid’s health so that your furkid can live up to his or her maximum potential. It is tasteless, odourless and non-sticky.


– Cleanses the mouth and removes bad breath.
– Reduces plaque build up.
– Reduce body odour and poop odour.
– Detoxifies reactive oxygen species (free radicals) within the body,
thereby reducing oxidative stress and decreasing the probability of getting sick.
– Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effect within the body.

This was taken 24 hours later. Imagine using it in your bone broth!

Consuming Water Additive regularly can prevent beard stains. Beard stains are often caused by the oxidation of saliva on fur. Keeping the saliva less viscous and oxidative can prevent new stains as seen by the new white fur growth around TinTin’s mouth. But spraying it on the beard directly regularly also helps to lighten the stains.


  • Spray 3 – 4 pumps into your furkid’s food and/or drinking water. (For those with weak tummies, start with 1 pump first and slowly increase)
  • It is recommend to consume daily for best results.
  • When spraying into the mouth for removing bad breath, try to avoid spraying into the throat.
    You may spray at each side until the odour disappears. (Spraying gives faster results but it is not necessary. Drinking water with water additive can also have the same effect.)


1. Do not drink this product directly without diluting.

2. Initially there may be some loose stools but this will go back to normal after 3 to 4 weeks.

3. There may be white sediments in the product. These are hardened mineral particles and are harmless.


Is it better to store the Pochitama Water Additive in the fridge?
It is not necessary to do so, the shelf-life remains the same.

Can I use Pochitama Water Additive on my pet’s skin?
Yes you may. It can also be used to clean tear and beard stains.

I give my pets mineral water, can I add Pochitama Water Additive to it?
Yes, it can be sprayed on any water or drinks

Is Pochitama Water Additive high-alkaline water? I heard that it is not good to give pets such water…
Pochitama Water Additive is not alkaline water but water with alkaline properties. Once it has done it’s job of neutralising excess oxygen it will revert to neutral pH. Once it enters the pet’s body its pH returns to neutral.



“My furkid has very smelly breath and I have tried everything but nothing worked. After using Pochitama Water Additive, his bad breath has gradually faded away!!! He is quite paranoid and tends to be very suspicious when we give him medicine or different food but fortunately he had zero resistance nor any suspicions then we added the Pochitama Water Additive.”

“When we first gave her the Pochitama Water Additive, the smell in her mouth completely disappeared. I was so shocked. At first I was not very aware of its effects, but when we ran out of the Pochitama Water Additive the bad breath returned again. Since its effects were proven, we spray it onto her food everyday without fail.”

“When we started using the Pochitama Water Additive, their bad breath reduced drastically. I was so shocked!! We cook for our furkids and they tend to stink after feeding. Even my husband who didn’t really bother noticed that their bad breaths have gone away. I can’t live without this water and I am a super repeat user. This is a very good product!!”

“It has been some time since we stopped using the Pochitama Water Additive after we’ve finished a bottle. Recently his ears started to itch and he started to have bald spots. The vet says that it is due to poor blood circulation as the weather is cold. It is a common winter problem. Ever since he was a puppy we have been giving him Pochitama Water Additive and he had no health problems. We thought this was normal. But when we stopped his health started to deteriorate. Now I realised that I have been giving him good water that is why he is so healthy for so long. Thank you so much for the great product.”

“Two weeks after we ran out of the Pochitama Water Additive, we noticed that his pee and poop became very smelly. After replenishing the Water Additive, the odour really disappeared again. I’m so touched! This is amazing!”

“My furkid came to my household when he was 54 days old. At first I didn’t really liked to be licked because of his bad breath but after using the Pochitama Water Additive, is no longer has bad breath so I’m fine with the licking now. I just spray it into his mouth and his bad breath just disappeared instantly. It’s amazing!”

“I’ve been using the Pochitama Water Additive for about a little over a year. My puppy loved to eat his own poop but two months after using the Pochitama Water Additive I started to see effects. My puppy stopped eating his own poop. In fact, he totally ignored his poop! He has no bad breath nor body odour and is very healthy. I intend to continue using it.”

“I received the Pochitama Water Additive as a present from my mum. My furkid has absolutely no body odour and bad breath. A while ago she had cornea inflammation and she did not improve despite taking medication from the vet. I used Pochitama Water Additive to wipe her eye area with a cotton wool every day and it got better day by day. This product is really a necessity for me.”

“We adopted a Chihuahua recently and he is really super cute but his poop was…. powerful. While I was mentally prepared, I did not expect my whole house to stink. But since I started feeding him Pochitama Water Additive, the smell was gone. I was really surprised. At first I thought it was due to some odour removal medicine but after reading the product benefits on the manufacturer’s website I realised that this thing was really beneficial for his health and I’m so happy about that.”

“My furkid used to vomit a lot but after using the Pochitama Water Additive she has since stopped. It was very strange.”

“My furkid has chronic diarrhoea and can only take can food. Anything else will cause her stomach upset. Her appetite is also not so good and she can’t finish up one can immediately. Normally I would spray the Water Additive onto the remaining food and the wrap it p and put into the fridge for the next day. It seems to keep the food fresh and my cat’s digestion has also improved.”

“There’s also something very strange. Sometimes the food does not suit her liking and she would leave some leftovers. When I spray the Water Additive on it, she would continue eating like it’s something delicious. Maybe the Water Additive is some magic water that makes cat food delicious?”