SigOne Toothbrush

SigOne Toothbrush

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Patented & made in Japan.

SigOne 360-Degree type toothbrush for medium breeds and above.

Proven to remove plaque and tartar more effectively than conventional toothbrushes or gauze toothbrushes.

No. 1 Oral Care Bestseller with more than 3000 vets, pet shops and pet salons using in Japan!

360 Degrees Toothbrush = Easy Brushing!
Brush safely at any angle with a 360 degrees type brush.
Conventional toothbrush has a plastic base that can accidentally knock onto teeth while brushing, causing discomfort.
The SigOne brush with its soft bristles is gentle in the mouth and even has a massaging effect!
Without any struggling, you can brush your pet’s teeth in a shorter time than usual!

Using SigOne Toothbrush VS Other Dental Products

SigOne brush is proven to remove plaque and tartar more effectively than
conventional toothbrushes or gauze toothbrushes.

Why it is not a good idea to use finger-type toothbrush or gauze.

Problem 1:
Your finger is too big for a dog’s mouth and may cause them to get stressed.
Problem 2:
You will not be able to reach the back of the mouth with your finger.
Problem 3:
Your finger also cannot remove tartar in between teeth.


Before & After Using the SigOne Toothbrush

Bacteria detection test after 3 minutes of brushing

“I used to brush my dog’s teeth with the finger-type gauze but it did not seem to be clean enough so I bought the SigOne to try. I thought he may hate it if I suddenly put it in his mouth so I tried to pique his interest by teasing him with the toothbrush and to my surprise he bit it on his own. His teeth became visibly whiter after brushing with a proper toothbrush.. so I suppose a toothbrush is necessary after all. Teeth brushing time now becomes a form of play time for me and my dog.”

“The SigOne brush is the only toothbrush that makes teeth brushing fun and painless. My dog loves it. When he sees the toothbrush his ears will flick up and he will jump happily towards me. Thanks to his love for teeth brushing, he always gets praised for his white teeth whenever we visit the vet.”

“Many of our customers request for our tooth-brushing service and we usually do it before shampoo. We use the SigOne toothbrush as it can remove dental plague effectively. I like that the bristles are very fine so it is not painful for the furkid. As it is a 360 degree type toothbrush, it doesn’t hurt the inner parts of the cheeks when I try to brush deep in. It’s very easy to use!”

“My dog always bleeds after brushing but after using SigOne for about one to two weeks, she stopped bleeding. After brushing her breath also smells better. I think it really helps to improve her breath.”

“At first my dog didn’t like it but soon he got used to it and even seem to be falling asleep halfway through massaging his gums.”

“I am a repeat user of this toothbrush. My toy poodle is just 5 months old and has lost his baby teeth. He is growing his permanent teeth and there is bleeding sometimes. His breath is also very bad. At first, I used dental sheets for finger brushing but I can’t reach the back of his teeth. Three months later I switched to SigOne and since he is unable to open his mouth wide it is hard to brush his teeth properly but with a 360 degree type brush I am certain that as long as it touches the teeth it is working. Even when he bites the toothbrush I can brush the top and bottom teeth properly. His permanent teeth has since grown out and I hope to keep them clean for the sake of his health. Now I look forward to his kisses with a nice breath!”

“My dog really hates brushing his teeth but after switching to SigOne he did not seem to resist it. I was able to brush his teeth quickly without any struggle. I have tried all types of brush, those meant for dogs and for human babies, but this is the best. Since it is 360 degrees, it is able to brush any spot on the teeth regardless of the angle, making it highly effective!”

“I started brushing my dog with a finger-type brush but it didn’t seem to be very effective. I moved on to the SigOne brush and it was easy to use for a tooth-brush beginner as I can brush at any angle. I like that the head is small so I can reach to the back of the teeth.”

“This toothbrush is a life saver for pet owners who are bad at brushing their pet’s teeth like me! When I use a normal toothbrush, I have to think of which direction to brush but with SigOne I don’t have to care about that at all, as long as the brush touches the teeth it works!”

“Before switching to SigOne I was using a toothbrush meant for human babies. My dog still thinks the SigOne toothbrush is a toy but it can definitely clean better than a human toothbrush!”

“My dog does not dislike this toothbrush so as a pet owner I can brush quickly without any struggling. It does not hurt the dog and the time taken for restraining the dog can be shortened. This is really amazing. After brushing you can feel the teeth become smoother because it is properly brushed.”

“I brush my dog’s teeth almost everyday after breakfast using SigOne. Previously I was using toothbrushes for human babies but the plastic part keeps knocking onto the teeth and my dog hates it. After neutering, I managed to remove the dental plague while still under sedation. From then onwards I brush his teeth everyday. He does not struggle at all, so I highly recommend it to those who hate brushing.”

“It’s very easy to brush the front teeth and the weight of the grip is just nice. Previously I used liquid dentifrice and she hated it. It also was unable to remove dirt. SigOne’s bristles are so fine, it not only removes dirt it removes it fast so I can get the job done quickly.”

“Previously I was using a conventional toothbrush where the bristles are only on one side. The bottom plastic part keeps hitting on the teeth and my dog hates it very much. Now with SigOne, I can use it at any angle and my dog does not hate brushing anymore.”

“I like that the small head can reach to the back of teeth easily and the bristles are very soft so I don’t have to worry about hurting my dog while brushing. I highly recommend it for first-timers!”