Customer Care

We do accept payment via:

1. POSB/DBS ATM Transfer or ibanking(DBS Saving 070-0-013822)

It is a must to attach a snapshot of your receipt for payment verification.
We reserve the right to not proceed with your order without a receipt . 3 days old receipt will not be accepted.
For shoppers without a bank account or ATM card , you may transfer by cash deposit at any POSB Cash deposit machine whereby ATM card is not required. Snapshot of receipt is required as a proof for payment verification.
NOTE : Please send us a copy of receipt / proof of payment as soon as you have made the payment .  
For shoppers with a bank account , you may transfer by paylah or paynow to 96228342. Snapshot of receipt is required as a proof for payment verification.
NOTE : Please send us a copy of receipt / proof of payment as soon as you have made the payment .  
Collection venue will be located at Block 309 Hougang avenue 5 #01-293 <9am-10pm>
If you have opted for a Meet Up Collection, you will be notified via SMS to arrange an appointment for collection. .
Any customer who do not turn up for the meetup last minute will be blacklisted from our website for future purchased item will be confiscated.
- All parcels will be dispatched within the next working days after payment has been verified

Delivery is FREE for orders above $59 There will be a delivery charge of $10 for orders below $59.

There will be an additional surcharge of $10 for deliveries within the CBD areas & Sentosa.

Postage charges:
- Normal postages are charged between $1.2-$3.70 depending on the weight of the item purchased. 
- Registered postage,top up of additional $2.50 on top of normal postage.

- For registered articles, RA codes will be send within the next 2 working days after item has been mailed

- Please note that the speed of delivery is determined solely by the Post Office, we are only responsible in mailing them
- We strongly urge you to opt for registered postage to prevent lost mails via normal postage

- GRABAPAW shall not be liable for any lost mails sent using normal postage. 
Smartpac mail (Singapore only)

Standard rate: SGD4.90

 SmartPac is a postage-paid postal service for delivery anywhere in Singapore, the next working day for a fixed price.

Not applicable for delivery of bulky items such as shoes and bags.

The max weight limit is 3KG.
- Strictly no exchange/refunds will be entertained due to colour differences. Do give allowance to some differences in colours/shades due to lightings and differences in screen resolutions.
-If you have received an item with a defect or a wrong item, please email us immediately We will do an exchange if the item of your choice is sold out, otherwise, we would do a full refund back to you. Defected goods must be returned within 7 days from the original date of purchase.

- Returned item must be brand new/in the original state, otherwise an exchange/refund will be ignored and returned item will be sent back within 3 working days via normal mail.

- We will not responsible for the damage caused by Post Office's rough handling and no exchange/refund will be made

- For case-basis exchange/refund, no refunds will be made for products that are still available
- We are not liable for any lost mails in the exchange/refund process.

GRABAPAW reserves the right to amend our Terms & Conditions without prior notice.
Items with a [B.O] in front of the Item Name is a Backorder item. Please take note of the Backorder Arrival Date 2-3weeks from the date that you have send in your orders.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.