Adored Beast Liver Tonic (60ml)

Adored Beast Liver Tonic (60ml)

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Adored Beast Liver Tonic supports liver health, removes toxins, regenerates healthy liver cells, and aids in the function of histamine (associated with allergies & chronic inflammation).

Suitable for dogs and cats.


    The following ingredients are all herbal and originate from Mother Tincture:

    Taraxacum Officinalis (Dandelion Root)

    • supports the liver and gallbladder
    • stimulates bile production
    • anti-inflammatory properties
    • strong, but safe, diuretic
    • supports heart, bladder, digestive system

    Chelidonium Majus (Greater Celandine)

    • detoxifying herb
    • supports liver health
    • helps with indigestion, jaundice, and sluggish liver
    • stimulates bile and pancreatic enzymes

    Carduus Marianus (Milk Thistle) 

    • powerful herbal restorative
    • protective effects on the liver
    • helps with liver inflammation

    Berberis Vulgaris (Barberry) 

    • powerful herbal restorative
    • protective effects on the liver
    • helps with liver inflammation


    What are the usage instructions?

    For healthy animals - Use consecutively for 30-60 days to support liver, gallbladder, kidney, and pancreas health. Can be used 2-3 times per year to maintain organ function.

    For chronic/symptomatic animals - Can be used for longer than 60 days for dogs with elevated liver enzymes or other chronic conditions. Consult your veterinarian. 

    In chronic cases where symptoms do not begin to improve within 10 days, it is best to consult your veterinarian.

    Will this "detox” my pet?

    It helps to support your animal's liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and pancreas. All of these organs are paramount in the body's natural detoxification process. We have seen great results with this product as opposed to drugs and chemicals, such as antibiotics, steroids, NSAIDs, and flea and tick medications.

    Will my pet experience uncomfortable side effects?

    The wonderful thing about this product is that it is so gentle yet so effective. We have not had any experience with animals feeling uncomfortable. In fact, it is the opposite! Often, the animal will feel so much better because they are gently and correctly detoxifying!

    Will this interfere with other liver medications?

    We have used it for years with animals that are on all kinds of liver medications but it is always best to check with your veterinarian if your animal is on any medication.

    How long will it last?

    Up to 27kg dog - 1 bottle will last 60 days

    > 27kg dog - 1 bottle will last 30 days