Animal Ayurveda Herb Spa (Doctor Health Herb)

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The Ayu Herb Pack is a skin treatment with medicinal properties targeted at recurring skin ailments like yeast infection, flaking skin, bald spots and excessively oily skin. The Herb Pack has been in widely used in Japan for 10 years, and it has been documented to treat cases where even vets cannot.

As a beauty treatment, the fur coat becomes fluffy and shiny after each treatment. The best part? Enjoy 2 weeks of insect repelling effect! This treatment is suitable for both dogs and cats.

About the ingredients: Cassia, Neem & Aloe Vera
These healing herbs have been used since ancient times to treat a variety of ailments. Cassia has high anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Neem helps to remove odour and itch through its purifying properties. It also repels insects effectively. Aloe vera replenishes moisture and nourishes the skin with its rich nutrient content.

The herbs used are produced by organic farms that are certified by renowned accredited organisations worldwide, and they are processed without the use of any preservatives or chemicals. So you can have a peace of mind knowing that the Herb Pack is completely safe, even when licked and ingested.

Herb extracts are usually costly and difficult to produce because it takes a whole lot of herbs in order to make a tiny amount of extract. The Herb Pack is truly a luxurious treatment for our furkids!

Main Ingredients: Cassia & Neem

Product Range

Beauty & Health Pack
For volume, shine, and fluffiness.

Moisture Health Pack
Formulated with aloe vera for moisturising and anti-inflammation effect. Recommended for dry skin and fur and short fur breeds.

Doctor’s Health Pack
For anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and odour removal effect. Good for dogs with very oily skin or flaking skin with dandruff.

Recommendation by breeds

Doctor’s Health Pack: Shih tzu, french bulldog, pug, cocker spaniels, terriers

note: for dogs with any skin issues, please choose Doctor regardless of breed.


For dogs without any skin or fur problems, once a month maintenance is good enough. For dogs with serious skin problems, weekly treatment up to 3 – 4 times continually is recommended.

How many times can I use?

Depending on breed and size, 150g can be used 3 – 5 times, while 1kg can be used 30 – 50 times.

How long can it last?

The insect repellent effect lasts for 2 weeks. The fluffiness lasts for 2 weeks or more if well maintained.


The herb powder has no expiry but keep it in a cool, dry, dark spot to preserve its freshness. The beauty oil should be used within half a year after opening.


It is highly recommended to use the Grooming Tab together with the Herb Pack for best results. Every groomer in Southeast Asia is using the Herb Pack together with the Grooming Tab.