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Bio-active Kennel & Run Wash – 5000ml

Animal waste and its associated odours are a common source of frustration to anyone who has to maintain kennels and runs. Odours can hide deep within tile, grout and plumbing lines, making it hard to eliminate their source.

Bio-active Kennel & Run Wash is a one-step system for cleaning and eliminating the source of odours while maintaining drain and plumbing lines. It is the biological solution – easy to use and time saving.

With Kennel & Run Wash, there is no need for an initial cleansing step with a neutral cleaner. Kennel & Run Wash does the complete job in one step – it cleans, refreshes, maintains plumbing lines, and deodorises by destroying the source of bad odours.

The microbial activity of Bio-active Kennel & Run Wash penetrates porous surfaces and works deep inside plumbing to eliminate organic waste build-up and obnoxious odours. This scientifically developed product is specially formulated, providing the strongest microbial action in the industry today. With its biodegradable surfactants, fresh fragrance, and beneficial bacterial cultures, Kennel & Run Wash is the naturally effective way to combat organic waste and odour problems without using toxic and caustic chemicals. Animals are not subjected to harmful cleaning fumes or irritating rashes. A fresh, sanitised boarding area awaits every animal.

tick-27406_960_720 Non-toxic

tick-27406_960_720 Biodegradable & environmental friendly

tick-27406_960_720 Safe for pets and human

tick-27406_960_720 No harsh chemicals

tick-27406_960_720 Refreshing spring mint scent