Cosmolact Probiotic Supplement

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Probiotic supplement for pets
Made in Japan by Cosmoslact

Cosmoslact can help improve the following conditions: weak digestion, bad appetite, diarrhoea, bad breath, skin problems, dull fur coat, tear stains

We all know about probiotics and their supposed benefits. But the shocking truth is that simply consuming probiotics isn’t that helpful at all. Our bodies have a defence system against external bacteria and viruses, regardless whether they’re are good or bad. This defence system attacks and destroys even probiotics if they aren’t the body’s own intestinal bacteria. Probiotics have to be alive during consumption. But production and storage methods have not seen the necessary advancement to ensure they remain so by the time they reach the consumer. Even then, they may not survive in stomach acids and even rejected by the intestinal ecosystem. They also need consumption in adequate quantity to be effective. So here’s the paradigm shift. Instead of consuming probiotics regularly, why not grow your body’s good bacteria instead?

Why is it important to maintain a healthy gut?
Bad bacteria produces toxins which contaminate our blood. These contaminants flow throughout our body and affects the cells produced during cell renewal. When our new cells are of poor quality, our immunity weakens. The Royal Society of Medicine in UK reported a whopping 90% of most chronic diseases caused by unhealthy digestive system, primarily in the colon. If you are experiencing irritable bowel system, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, chronic fatigue, acne, food or skin allergy, have weight issues, your intestines may be unhealthy.

How do bacteria propagate?
Trillions of bacteria – good, bad and neutral ones live in our intestines. It is impossible to eliminate bad bacteria altogether. The only way to control the population of bad bacteria is to increase the population of good bacteria. Neutral bacteria are neither good or bad but they take on the properties of whichever bacteria is dominating in the gut. Like all living things, bacteria require nutrients to grow. By feeding the right type of “food”, you can make only the good bacteria propagate.

How is this “food” made?
Out of many good bacterias discovered since 1914, a selection of 16 of the top strains were cultured through a one-year long fermentation period. A patented extraction process is used to harvest the fermented extract that consists of the strains of the 16 bacteria as well as the “essence” they produced. Top grade, organic non-GMO soya beans are used as the culture medium to cultivate this “food”. The process is designed to make the strains stronger. With a one-year long fermentation period with fixed humidity and temperature control, the quality of active ingredient is consistent and highly effective.

What health benefits can I expect?
Firstly, it cleanses the intestinal waste and promote healthy gut flora, purifies the blood, and detoxes the body. This leads to better skin, more vitality, stronger immunity. Not only will you see improvements in skin and intestinal problems, the kidneys are also healthier as ureic toxins in the intestines are removed. Regular consumption can also help mitigate effects of carcinogens and oxidation. These health benefits are clinically proven in Japan.

Is it safe for puppies or kittens or even humans?
Yes, it is safe for humans and animals of all ages. It is also suitable for vegetarians. No sugar, colouring, animal products, pesticides, artificial preservative or additives are added. The human version is 8 times more concentrated than the pet version, so humans can also consume the pet version, but not the other way round.


Suggested Serving
For large breed dogs: 5 – 7 marks
For medium breed dogs: 3 – 4 marks
For small breed dog or cats: 1 – 2marks
For very small cats or dogs: 5 drops per 1kg of weight
For rabbits: 5 drops
For hamsters: 2 – 3 drops
For birds: 1- 2 drops



Cosmoslact can be consumed by all animals of all ages.
You can add a bit more for senior or weak animals.
As it is not medicine, there is no worry of overdosage.

How to serve
Simply add it to your pet food or water. Although Cosmoslact reaches the stomach faster if you add it to their water, the efficacy is not affected when heated so you can add it to home-cooked food too.

It is recommended to consume Cosmoslact every day to maintain good health. However you can cut down on the serving after the intestinal system is adjusted. It would take at least 1 to 2 weeks for the intestinal system to improve. It is highly recommended to complete at least 100ml for all breeds of all sizes.

Lactic acid bacteria fermented extract (derived from soy beans), Lactic acid bacteria, salt
*The soy beans are grown in-house and are non-GMO. The salt is from Okinawa and constitutes only 2% of the finished product. It is sun-dried salt and contains a lot of high-quality minerals.

Nutritional Breakdown (per 100ml)
Energy 1kcal
Protein 0g
Fats 0g
Carbohydrate 0.2g
Sodium 767mg

Can humans take Cosmoslact too?
The human version of Cosmoslact is called Lactis. It is 8 times more concentrated than the pet version. Humans can also see results with Cosmoslact, but it will be less optimal compared to the human version. After consuming Cosmoslact or Lactis, you may experience more release of gases and more passing of stools in the beginning. Your stools may be soft but not watery like diarrhoea. This is because the gut flora is experiencing a sudden change and the good bacteria are starting to become active. Your stools should return to normal in a few days.

Some individuals may experience a little itchiness. This is due to an improvement in blood circulation and skin cell turnover. This itchiness is only temporary and should go away in time.

As individual results vary, health conditions may improve in as short as 3 days to as long as 1 year.