FFF Pet’s Activated Water Sanitizer (P.A.W.S) Wipes Refill

FFF Pet’s Activated Water Sanitizer (P.A.W.S) Wipes Refill

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Refill packs save money and environment.

P.A.W.S is a lifesaver for any furkids with common skin issues such as rashes, hot spots, bacterial and yeast infection.

  • [NEW] 100% pure cotton
  • Medical grade sterilization
  • Improved softness

Chemical and alcohol free
Gentle and safe on sensitive skin
Eliminate bacteria, virus and odour
Relieves skin irritation
Suitable for pets of all ages

Choose natural ingredients over chemical-based products for your pet, family and environment!

Ingredient: 100% Electrolyzed Water

Includes: 3 packs of P.A.W.S wipes (180 pieces)

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight
Best before 3 months after opening