FFF Pets Dish Foam

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Ever wondered what is that slimy coating lurking in your pet's bowl? That nasty slime is also known as bacterial biofilm.

Biofilm is formed when bacteria attaches themselves to a surface. Biofilm bacteria can potentially cause systemic inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, urinary tract infections and chronic kidney diseases in pets (especially in cats).

Biofilm is not only harmful to pets, it is also harmful to humans!

Pets Dish Foam is uniquely formulated to effectively remove biofilm on pet food and drinking bowls, treat mats and chew toys.

^Made with 100% safe and natural ingredients

^No artificial fragrance


^Human-friendly Refill pack available

Choose natural ingredients over chemical-based products for your pet, family and environment!

Ingredients: Electrolyzed Water & Pure Vegetable Based Soap

Volume: 450ml

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight

Best before 18 months after opening

Instructions: Dispense on pet's bowls Rub off biofilm with dish cloth or fingers Leave on for a minute before rinsing