Grooming Tab

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Each packet of the Grooming Tab contains 2.5 month’s supply for your furkid. (10 tablets)

Dissolve 1 x Grooming Tab in 30 – 40 litres of water at 35 – 38°C. Soak your pet for at least 10 minutes for best effect.

Insert 1 x Grooming Tab into the shower head and gently shower your pet.

Wiping & Daily Care
Dissolve 1 x Grooming Tab in 30 – 40 litres of water at 35 – 38°C. Soak a towel in the water, squeeze off excess water and gently wipe the fur coat. Repeat a few times.


Every once in a while, a great product appears on the market and changes how things work. The Grooming Tab is one such product. Because there’s never been any solvent able to clean mineral waste, up until its invention. It’s the world’s first bath tablet, and it’s made and patented in Japan.


1. Deep cleanse without shampoo and soap!

The difference between the Grooming Tab and regular pet shampoos is substantial. Because the Grooming tab surpasses regular shampoos as a cleansing agent. It washes off sticky sweat, sebum, and mineral waste without the use of any synthetic chemical compound. Regular pet shampoos can only get rid of grease and dirt, without removing old keratin and mineral waste in clogged pores.

2. Removes what regular pet shampoos can’t – the source of pet odour.

The root cause of pet odours is stale fats sticking to mineral waste getting trapped in your pet’s fur coat and between the paw pads. Regular pet shampoos cannot remove mineral waste but the Grooming Tab can!

3. Improve health and immunity

Bicarbonate ions dissolved in water infused with the Grooming Tab helps to expand blood vessels to promote increased blood flow. Your pet’s metabolism subsequently increases, resulting in improved immunity.