Pochitama Ear Cleanser Refill

Pochitama Ear Cleanser Refill

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Made in Japan
Pochitama Ear Cleanser refill for Daily Use

  • Cleanses ear effectively & heals inflammation
  • Reduces odour & itching
  • Odourless & gentle
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Most ear cleansers in the market cannot be used on a daily basis because they tend to be too harsh and with overpowering odour. Pochitama ear cleanser does not cause irritation, is odourless, and completely safe for pets. It contains silver ions and natural herb extracts to remove that nasty ear odour. It also cleanses ear wax and dirt, thereby preventing ear infections or inflammations. Pochitama ear cleaner is a revolutionary ear cleaner. It can be used continually as a preventive cleansing regime against ear inflammations caused by residual dirt in the ears. You can safely use it on your furkids with a peace of mind.

– Silver ions stabilised in water to remove ear odours
– Natural herb extracts gives extra effect for odour removal.
– Plant-based colloid extract helps to keep the ears clean.
– Formulated with emollient gel to give the ears moisture and a glossy sheen.

My previous ear cleaner instructed not to use everyday. Is this product really safe to use daily?
Yes, it is gentle enough for daily use.

Is it OK to drip the liquid directly into the ear?
Yes, it is safe to drip it directly into the ear and to leave it inside the ear. Please drip the ear cleaner onto a cotton and wipe the ear with it. If the ear odour is very strong. drip 2 or 3 drops into the ear after cleansing, and leave on to deep cleanse and remove odour.

What is Silver Ion?
Silver has long been used as a medicine way back beyond 1000 years ago. It is a very safe metal for our body and it gets reduced by sulphide and chloride found in our bodies before getting passed out. Therefore, it does not accumulate in our bodies at all. When it comes in contact with molecules that gives off an odour, it immediately attaches to it before breaking it down and neutralising it, thereby removing body odour. It is also highly effective against bacteria such as E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and MRSA.

1. Drip a few drops of the ear cleaner on a piece of cotton and use it to wipe the ears.
2. Drip the ear cleaner directly into the ear and use a piece of cotton to wipe off the excess liquid.
3. For those with very dirty ears, after cleansing the ears, drip one or two drops into the ears and leave on to cleanse and remove odour.

Silver ion, hyaluronic acid, collagen, SKL & oyster extract, menthol, Trimethylglycine, Egg-yolk lecithin

1. If any abnormalities occur on the skin, stop using the product immediately.
2. Keep away from direct sunlight and warm and humid areas. Keep it safe from falling and breaking.
3. If a lot of the product gets into the eye by accident, inflammation may occur. Rinse with water and visit a vet to receive treatment.
4. Keep away from children’s reach.

The expiry date is 1 year from the date of manufacture.

“I have been using many types of ear cleansers on the market but none of them is able to remove the ear odour. The worse part is the chemicals stay inside the ears and my cat hates it, I would have to hold her down each time to remove the residues thoroughly. With the Pochitama ear cleanser, I have no worries at all! I can clean my cat’s ears very swiftly without her struggling or resisting. It is a life saver for both me and my cat!”

“My furkid always has itchy ears and he recovered after visiting the vet and taking medication, but the itch has since returned. We have tried so many medicine and visited so many vets. When I used other ear cleansers or those dispensed by the vet, it would be sticky and the ears will turn red each time I use it. My cat also seemed to be in pain. While I desperately want to heal my cat, he is a 16 years old senior cat so I also don’t want to burden her. When I discovered Pochitama ear cleanser, I thought I’d just try it without caring too much, because I’m so desperate to heal my cat… but the first time I used it, I could tell the difference immediately! Pochitama’s ear cleanser is not sticky at all and it did not seem to burden my cat at all. In fact, my cat’s ears recovered quickly and the redness in the ears also cleared.”

“I use Pochitama’s ear cleanser on my Chihuahua and my bunny. It cleans up their ears very well and even removed redness.”


Before and after using the Pochitama Ear Cleanser. The ears on the left belong to a dog who is on medication for sensitive ears. The ears on the right were inflamed and hot when touched. Both ears saw effects within the same day.