Pochitama Skin Guard Repellent

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Made in Japan

Pochitama Skin Guard insect repellent made from natural ingredients

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Effective against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, Aedes mosquitoes
  • Light fragrance, safe when licked
  • Good for humans too

The Pochitama Skin Guard is an insect repellent made from Hiba water and 4 types of herbs for stronger protection against insects. Usually, an emulsifier combines water and oil ingredients, but they cause irritation to pets with sensitive skin. With the Skin Guard, soapberry extract derived from corn and OH negative ion water substitutes emulsifiers. The result is an insect repellent from all natural plant ingredients, gentle enough for pets with sensitive skin.

What kind of pests can it protect my pets from?
Filariasis (or philariasis) is a parasitic disease caused by an infection with roundworms of the Filarioidea type. These are spread by blood-feeding black flies and mosquitoes. Skin guard can protect your furkids against mosquitoes, fleas and ticks and other blood-sucking insects. Medical treatments or drugs are not completely without side effects. Some of these drugs can stay on the body for up to one month! These treatments are not recommended for pets with sensitive skin.


·Spray over your pet a few times before outdoor activity. Take note of vulnerable areas such as the stomach and be careful not to spray directly into the eyes or mouth.
· Recommended and suitable for daily use.
· Remember to apply especially when your pet will be exposed to grass or areas where insects are prevalent.

1. As no emulsifiers are used, the liquid and oils in the product may separate. Always shake before using.
2. If your pet has very bad skin, always monitor the skin condition while using it.
3. As this product does not contain any insecticide, it does not kill pests. Pest extermination is not the purpose of this product.



Natural Hiba water, OH negative ion water, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, geranium oil, grapefruit seed extract, soapberry extract


The Magical Hiba Water

The main ingredient of skin guard is a plant called hinokitiol taken from the Hiba tree. The Japanese discovered this natural disinfectant with insect-repelling qualities around 70 years ago. Hiba water is extracted by a steam distillation method using sawdust from natural Hiba wood. The Hiba tree is abundant in Aomori prefecture. It is said that a house constructed with Hiba wood will not have any mosquitoes entering in the first three years. Famous old shrines and temples in Aomori are built with Hiba wood and their insect-repelling and antibacterial effects has lasted for almost 900 years. An experiment conducted by the agricultural department of Miyazaki University on the Hiba wood found that when termites were inserted in the Hiba wood, they immediately started to die. In 120 hours, a 100% death rate was reported. The Aomori Industrial Research Institute also tested and found that Hiba oil has antibacterial properties that can repel mould and bacteria.


“I live in the countryside and my dog’s fur is black so it attracts bugs easily, especially mites. Every year in the early spring this is a big problem. However, ever since I started using this product I have never seen a mite nor a flea. My dog no longer scratches from the itch anymore. Other types of insect repellent tend to be irritating to the skin and my dog is sensitive to the smell, but my dog showed no resistance to this product at all. We usually go for long 90 minute walks in summer and I love that it is so long-lasting!”

“When I use other insect repellent, my dog hates the smell and he would sneeze and try to remove it by rolling around the floor. I looked around for a replacement and found this product. It has a nice smell and my dog doesn’t hate it. As for the insect-repellent effect, I think it works. In fact, I tried it on myself and went to do gardening, I didn’t get stung at all.”

“I moved to a new place recently and the park nearby has a crazy amount of mites and insects. I was shocked. So for the first time, I wen to buy an insect repellent for my dog. At first, I bought another brand that says the effect can last up to 3 days but it did not seem to work (the bugs still come to attack my dog). I switched over to this product and it’s amazing!! Not a single bug bothered my dog. (Maybe it is a coincidence but for now, this is perfect). It has some fragrance but my furkid does not seem to mind.”

“I bought it to try because I was curious how effective this product would be since it is made from all-natural ingredients. I also like that it is small in size so I can carry it around. It smells minty and refreshing and it fits nicely in my strolling bag. I plan to buy in bulk to gift it to my friends!”