Skin Lotion Refill

Skin Lotion Refill

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Made in Japan

  • For UV protection
  • For moisture, detangling & smoother fur coat
  • For odour & static electricity removal
  • For skin problems or itch
  • For cleansing paws
  • For cleansing coat of pets who cannot bathe
  • For daily maintenance & brushing
  • Can use on wet & dry coat
  • Good for rabbits, small animals and even humans too!

Pochitama Skin Lotion provides moisture and lustre to your pet’s fur coat while protecting it against harmful UV rays. Made from natural ingredients like green tea extract, sasa veitchii leaf extract, persimmon tannin extract to remove pet odour.

Use it as a daily fur care. It is also safe for sensitive skin types.

How many times can I use in a day?
You can spray as many times as you want. Spray a few times a day, before and after walks.

When do I use it after shower?
After towel dry, spray towards the skin and lightly massage before blow drying.

My puppy just got vaccinated and cannot bathe, he is starting to smell, can I use the skin lotion?
Yes you can start using the skin lotion from puppy stage even during this period.

My furkid has an allergy on the face area, is it ok to use the skin lotion?
Yes it is ok but try to avoid spraying into the eyes and mouth. You can use a cotton to wipe the skin instead.


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Skin Lotion for Rabbits

Skin Lotion's Oil Emulsification Properties

Skin Lotion is highly effective on seborrhoea cases because of its oil emulsification properties!